These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC) of NAPSPORT govern the contractual relationship between the company NAPSPORT and the individual. Bettor arising at the moment of the Bettor ́s registration at, which also expresses the explicit consent to all terms and conditions of these GTC.
All financial transactions are performed in Euro €, unless stated otherwise.


The conclusion of Contract of Internet consulting services (the Contract) between NAPSPORT and Bettor is a condition for taking part in the Tips. The conclusion of the contract occurs by the Bettor registration at portal The Bettor must correctly fill out a registration form completely for registration. Bettor registration will be completed through a NAPSPORT web application. Opening an account and participation in consulting will not be allowed to Bettors without the registration – conclusion of the Contract. The Contract will not be concluded validly if there is a breach of the mandatory rules during registration. The Bettor specifies the required information, such as: user name, full name, password, mobile phone number and e-mail address during the registering.

The verification e-mail is sent to the Bettor after mandatory data input during the online registration, AFTER ITS CONFIRMATION A SMS MESSAGE COMES with a code to confirm your mobile number. Each registered Bettor can use the current bonus offer in the Internet application.


Access to the Account in the Internet application is allowed after the correct username and password input for the Bettor. Bettor is required to protect his username and password against misuse. The authorized Account holder (Bettor) is responsible for all transactions within the Account as a result of the correct use of username and password. Every Bettor can open only one Account. Already registered Bettor is not allowed to re- register under another name or with another e-mail address. If Bettor violates this rule, NAPSPORT can rescission the Contract, even retrospectively to the contract date, and the parties are then required to return everything that has been carried out under this Agreement back to each other; NAPSPORT is entitled to keep the funds of the Bettor at his Account and then close it. Bettor is entitled to dispose of his Account himself and personally only. No third party can be authorized to manipulate the Account except an authorization by law. NAPSPORT allows the exceptions only in justified cases. Bettor is required to use the Account and its related services, benefits and other of its functionalities solely for his personal private use and is not authorized to open up or allow to withdraw to any other person or use it by other inappropriate manner that is contrary to the nature of the Account as a personal means of the Bettor to make bets on the internet. It mainly means a ban on using the Account and its associated services, benefits and other functionalities for the commercial purposes. NAPSPORT can claim for compensation for the damage from a Bettor who violates those Account usage obligations. Bettor clicks "forgotten password" (located under the registration icon) and enters his user name and e-mail to the displayed fields in a case of forgotten password. After the verification of the information within the NAPSPORT database Bettor can generate a new password. It is necessary for Bettor to contact the customer support by email in a case of forgotten username for the Internet application.

Bettor has the option to change his username only during his first log into the web application. Another supplementary change of the username is not allowed. Bettor has the option to change his password at any time. Changes can be made in the user profile (Edit Profile / Change password). Bettor username cannot contain a name that would contain any company or commercial name and that company NAPSPORT considers as defamatory, unsuitable or unacceptable term.


Bettors can file complaints or claims to NAPSPORT. NAPSPORT will investigate them and notify the applicant the result no later than 30 working days after their submission (delivery). Claims may be made by sending a copy of complaint List with justification thru web application e-mail. Bettor fills complaint by sending an e-mail with a problem description at the e-mail address: Both parties cover the costs of the claim from their means.


NAPSPORT is obliged to comply with the general legislation on the personal data protection, as amended, during the collection and processing of the Bettor personal data. Bettor gives his consent to the processing of his personal data entered in the registration form and into the Internet application. Bettor agrees that his personal data will be provided for the processing by companies owned by the same person as the company NAPSPORT for the purpose of providing trade and services. Bettors have the right to withhold its previously granted consent to the processing of his personal data, in such a case, the contractual relationship and participation close between Bettor and NAPSPORT in the moment when NAPSPORT receive a particular token of will of Bettor. Refusal of the consent for the processing of personal data can only be made in writing and has the same effects as the Account closure. NAPSPORT is required to maintain the confidentiality of the Bettor ́s personal data processing except legal authorization by the police, law enforcement, court and cases in which the disclosure of data is agreed by the Bettor.


NAPSPORT reserves the right to refuse to register Bettor, respectively to conclude the Contract or decide to close the Contract and exclude Bettor from participation in the future, even without giving any reasons. There is no legal entitlement for conclusion of the Contract to the Bettor. NAPSPORT is not responsible for any damages or losses arising directly or indirectly due to accidental or deliberate damage to the website or other content. NAPSPORT is also not responsible for unrealized or late realized operations, if they are caused by the electronic communications networks failures, incorrect usage of the website or other technical problems. NAPSPORT is not responsible for the misuse of the site's content by the Bettor or by the third party. NAPSPORT is not responsible for damages caused by the Bettor or the third party, if they are caused by misinterpreting or errors in the website content. The terms and conditions for selected products and services of NAPSPORT can be connected to the GTC. Bettor is entitled to terminate this contractual relationship by the contractual notice and the contractual relationship will expires on the tenth day following the date of delivery of the notice to NAPSPORT. NAPSPORT reserves the right without due to immediately cancel the Contract and exclude Bettor or even refuse to transfer funds from his Account, especially in the case where Bettor: - Entered false information during registration, - Breached the conditions in NAPSPORT (laws, GTC etc.). This does not affect the right of NAPSPORT for the damage payment, possibly including lost profits. In cases that are not remembered in the GTC, it is necessary to follow the decision of NAPSPORT. NAPSPORT enables to pay the balance of the account to the administrator of the inheritance or notary upon submission of supporting documents in case of Bettor ́s death. NAPSPORT is not liable for operations carried out by the public authorities, notary and administrator of the inheritance. Bettor is required to report promptly any changes to the personal data and other facts related to the provision of services in the Internet application, which may lead to the unjust enrichment or cause damage NAPSPORT, to NAPSPORT. Any illegal or suspicious dealings of the Bettor may be reported to the competent authorities. NAPSPORT is entitled to charge certain services and products according to the tariff. Tariff must be published in the Internet application min. three days before become effective. NAPSPORT reserves the right to unilaterally change these GTC and modification shall be notified to the Bettor thru the Internet application in advance. GTC with notified changes are mandatory for both parties in the time referred in the notice of change to the GTC then. Written communications will be delivered to the Bettor ́s e-mail address notified during registration of the Bettor. NAPSPORT contact options: e-mail: Communication sent electronically to the e-mail address is considered delivered on the third day following its dispatch.


We have implemented security measures designed to secure your information from accidental loss and from unauthorized access, use, alteration or disclosure. However, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized persons will never gain access to your information, and you acknowledge that you provide your information at your own risk, except as otherwise provided by applicable law.

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